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朱云逸 Yunyi Zhu

Yunyi Zhu is a Chinese artist whose practice questions memory and perception. He graduated from Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts in sculpture and Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, he works based on the combination of a series of personal experiences relating to the uses of some of our underestimated senses in the field of art, such as touch, and the questions of memory. He transforms these experiences and memories into works by various approaches of mediums.

朱云逸出生于山东滕州, 毕业于清华大学美术学院雕塑系,Le Fresnoy法国国立当代艺术研究院。作品形式多以影像、装置为主。
2022 年以《一切近的都将远去》入围法国真实电影节正式竞赛, 获得第四届NOWNESS天才计划最佳影片。《另一面镜子里的梦中之梦》为其新作,入围73届柏林电影节新生代单元短片竞赛组,并获17届First青年影展先锋创作荣誉单元“特别关注”荣誉。

Of Dreams in the Dream of Another Mirror


Of Dreams in the Dream of Another Mirror
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