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林诣涵 Yihan Lin

林诣涵导演,硕士毕业于芝加哥哥伦比亚学院,获得电影导演MFA学位。创作领域包括叙事短片、实验短片、纪录片、影像装置等,擅长在影像中探索当代背景下人与人、人与空间之间的关系,容易被相对“永恒”的事物吸引,并尤其关注新兴媒介在传统电影中的运用。作品曾入围Slamdance Film Festival、芝加哥艺术馆国际电影节、木兰国际电影节、Minikino Film Week等。

Yihan Lin is a filmmaker and artist based in Shanghai. She received her MFA degree in Cinema Directing from Columbia College Chicago and her BFA degree in Media and Communication Design from Tongji University. She investigates subtle and inexplicable relationships between individuals in the contemporary context, with a particular focus on subjects that are in an insecure, nomadic, and transient state. Her practice is born out of a desire to explore the realm of the agnostic and to construct an ethereal landscape that emerges above the physical space. She is often searching for things that approach eternity in the moment of “here and now”. Her works have been selected for Slamdance Film Festival, Grilla 3° Lima Alterna Festival, Minikino Film Week, ZLÍN Film Festival, etc.

Sojourn To Shangri-la


Sojourn To Shangri-la
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