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王智祥 Zhixiang Wang

Born in Fuzhou, China in 1996. Wang came to Taiwan at the age of 14. His semi-autobiographical short film "One body two sides" was selected for the Taiwan Golden Harvest Award and the Taoyuan Film Festival Taiwan Award at the age of 22. Wang was chosen for the 2018 Taiwan Short Film Lab and the Hangzhou AME Film and Television Director Program at the age of 23. In the same year, he finished the documentary short film "A rainy dream" and invited by the Cultural Bureau of the Papenburg City Government in Germany in 2019.In 2023,his short film "A journey to reunion" was selected for development support by theBureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development ROC Ministry of Culture. Wang is currently a master student of Taipei National University of the Arts, majoring in Film Studies.

王智祥于1996年出生在福州,14岁到台湾学习深造,22岁完成半自传短片《遥望彼岸》,入选台湾金穗奖、 桃园电影节台湾奖等,23岁入选2018年台湾短片实验室及杭州AME影视编导计划、同年完成纪录短片《路遥》获德国帕彭堡市政府文化局邀请于2019年夏季驻德创作; 短片新作《原来海上没有岛》入选台湾文化部开发补助。现正于台北艺术大学电影所攻读导演。

let the sun rise


let the sun rise
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