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陈东楠 Dongnan Chen

陈东楠来自陕西西安,毕业于纽约大学纪录片专业。她短片《声音的颜色》获艾美奖提名,并在加拿大Hot Docs首映、于美国公共电视网PBS POV播放。《偷》拍摄了三个蜷居在城市角落中的流浪青年,获纽约亚美影展最佳纪录短片,在中外多个电影节、大学与博物馆放映。纪录长片《旷野歌声》讲述了西南高地上一个苗族合唱团的故事,入选鹿特丹国际电影节、悉尼电影节、以及林肯中心和MOMA主办的新导演/新电影影展等。

Dongnan Chen is an independent documentary filmmaker from Xi'an, China. Her debut film, SOUND OF VISION, an experimental short following a blind man’s exploration of New York, which she worked on as one of the producers, directors and editors, was nominated for Emmy Awards and premiered at HotDocs. THE TRAIL FROM XINJIANG, a profile of three pickpockets from China's far west Xinjiang, has been widely screened at festivals, universities and museums worldwide. SINGING IN THE WILDERNESS, her first feature documentary was selected by IFFR, ND/NF, DMZ, Sydney FF, Thessaloniki and so forth. Dongnan is a graduate from New York University and a fellow of Sundance Edit and Story Lab.

14 Paintings


14 Paintings
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