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Alain Biet


Alain Biet graduated from the Orleans Beaux-Arts in 1982. A protean artist, he explores sculpture, photography, drawing, video, music, performance and more. Lecturer at Orleans Beaux-Arts from 1985 to 1990, he has since been teaching at Blois Beaux-Arts. He is a member of various collectives, including Oulan Bator in Orleans, works with La Fondation du Doute in Blois. He has taken part in, and organized, many contemporary art exhibitions and events in France, Italy and Belgium.

阿兰·贝耶 1982年毕业于奥尔良美术学院,他是综合了雕塑,摄影,绘画,影像,音乐,行为等种种表现形式,是一个灵活多变的艺术家。他1985至1990年间在母校担任讲师后,又在布洛瓦美术学院任教。他也是多个艺术组织成员,包括“奥尔良乌兰巴托”,他也在法国,意大利和比利时组织和参与了大量当代艺术展览。

Grand Canons


Grand Canons
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