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Aleksa Borkovic

Aleksa Borković is a Belgrade-based filmmaker. He is about to graduate in Digital Arts from FMK, Belgrade. During the studies, in many short-length projects, he was taking the roles of cinematographer, producer or director. Last year he was participating Talents Sarajevo campus within camera studio.

Aleksa Borković是一名电影创作者,现居塞尔维亚贝尔格莱德,就读于辛吉杜努姆大学媒体与传播学院的数字艺术专业。学习期间,他在许多短片中担任摄影师、制片人和导演。去年,他加入了“萨拉热窝人才”项目的摄影工作室。

Water Balloons


Water Balloons
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