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Andres Jurado

Artist, filmmaker, and researcher his practice covers performance, expanded and experimental cinema, archives, an-archives, he explores the realities that are built through science fiction, ancestral knowledge, cold war, indigenous struggles, colonial and decolonial discourses, propaganda, extraterritoriality, the space race, third cinema, and explores their incidences in contemporary narratives and politics. He created and is part of the artist film and theater lab La Vulcanizadora - Colombia. EL RENACER DEL CARARE (2020) is one of his works. In 2021, he was part of the Forensic Architecture Team in the investigation into land dispossession, disappearance, and deforestation in Colombia. His last short, YAROKAMENA (2022) Premiered in the 72 Berlinale Forum Expanded.

安德烈斯·尤拉多(Andres Jurado)是一名艺术家、导演和研究员,他的实践涉及表演、扩展和实验电影、档案、非档案,他通过科幻小说、祖传知识、冷战、土著斗争、殖民和去殖民的话语、宣传、领土外交、太空竞赛、第三电影等探讨通过这些现实建构的现实,以及它们在当代叙事和政治中的影响。他创办并参与了哥伦比亚的艺术家电影和戏剧实验室 La Vulcanizadora。他于2020年指导了《El Renacer del Carare》。2021年,他开始研究哥伦比亚土地剥夺、失踪和森林砍伐的法医建筑。他的最新短片《Yarokamena》(2022)在第72届柏林电影节论坛单元首映。



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