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Annie MacDonell

Annie MacDonell is a visual artist whose work includes film, installation, performance, writing and photography. Her primary concern is the way images and ideas accrete meaning as they circulate through time and place. The more meaning they accumulate, the greater capacity they have to communicate the complex experience of contemporary life. She received a BFA from Ryerson University in 2000, followed by graduate studies at Le Fresnoy in France. Her films, art projects and performances have been presented globally. MacDonell is a founding member of Emilia Amalia, a feminist research and writing group. She teaches at Ryerson University and lives in Toronto with her family.

Annie MacDonell是一位视觉艺术家,作品横跨电影、装置、表演、写作和摄影等领域。她的首要关注点是随着影像和思维在时空中的传播而依附其上的意义。意义的积累越多,它们陈述当代生活复杂性的能力就越强。她2000年毕业于瑞尔森大学,随后前往法国国立当代艺术研究中心深造。她的电影作品、艺术和表演项目在国际上多次上演。她也是女性研究和写作团体Emilia Amalia的创始人之一,目前任教于瑞尔森大学,和家人一起生活在多伦多。

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Communicating Vessels
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