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Cai Hongbo


Hongbo Cai is a concert pianist, writer, and filmmaker. He recently made his Carnegie Hall debut in March. In June, he started his American concert tour in five states. In July, he signed a contract with KNS Classical to release albums. Last year, He finished a concert tour around China in venues in six cities. He is the Guest Artist for the Closing Ceremony of the First National Youth Games of China.
His debut short film <A Chamber Where A Dreamer Slumbers> won the Best Experimental Film Prize at New York International Film Awards and the 2022 Kiez Berlin Film Festival, and was included in the selection for the 2021 Toronto Independent Film Festival. His debut film <Dawn & Dusk> as a producer was screened at Harvard Film Archive in 2021. His writings on film have been published in film media such as DeepFocus and Toro Film.

青年钢琴家,撰稿人及导演。第一届全国青运会闭幕式演奏嘉宾,2021年受邀在中国六座城市进行巡演,2022年3月完成卡内基音乐厅首秀,6月在美国举行覆盖五个州的巡演,7月成为保加利亚帕扎吉克交响乐团的特邀钢琴家,与KNS Classical唱片公司签下合约。

The Birthday Banquet


The Birthday Banquet
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