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Dan Rule

Dan Rule was born in Belleville, IL in 1977. He studied printmaking at Southern Illinois UniversityCarbondale (BFA) and Northern Illinois (MFA). He works primarily in painting, video and animation, oftenfocusing on topics that are scientific and philosophical in nature. Dan is currently a Full Professor of Artat the University of New Orleans and the Media Arts Chair at New Orleans Center of Creative Art, wherehe runs the Digital Art, Video and Animation area. He lives in New Orleans with his 3 children and iscurrently building a house.

丹·鲁尔(Dan Rule)于1977年出生在伊利诺伊州贝尔维尔。他在南伊利诺伊大学(获得学士学位)和北伊利诺伊大学(获得硕士学位)学习版画。他主要从事绘画、视频和动画创作,通常关注科学和哲学的主题。丹目前是新奥尔良大学的艺术学教授,也是新奥尔良创意艺术中心的媒体艺术主席,负责数字艺术、视频和动画领域。他与三个孩子一起生活在新奥尔良,目前正在建造一座房子。

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