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Elisabeth Subrin

Elisabeth Subrin is a New York based award-winning director and artist. Her critically acclaimed films and video installations have been featured in numerous festivals and exhibitions internationally, including solo shows at The Museum of Modern Art, NY, Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Vienna Viennale. Subrin’s 2016 award-winning feature narrative, A Woman, A Part, had its world premiere in competition at The Rotterdam International Film Festival and traveled to festivals throughout Europe, US and Asia. It was released theatrically in 2017.

伊丽莎白·苏布林(Elisabeth Subrin)是一位纽约导演和艺术家。她备受好评的电影和视频装置作品在国际上多次参与各类电影节和展览,包括在纽约现代艺术博物馆、林肯中心电影学会以及维也纳国际电影节。苏布林于2016年执导的备受好评的故事片《A Woman, A Part》在鹿特丹国际电影节竞赛单元首映,并在欧洲、美国和亚洲的多个电影节上展映。该片于2017年在影院上映。

Maria Schneider, 1983


Maria Schneider, 1983
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