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Joaquín Cociña


León and Cociña have won numerous awards and their films have premiered at Rotterdam and Locarno among other international film festivals. Their work is frequently exhibited in museums and biennials in Latin America, but it has also been presented at venues such as the Whitechapel Gallery, the Guggenheim, KW Berlin, the Venice Biennial 2013 and Art Basel Statements 2012 with Upstream Gallery. Their first feature film, 'La Casa Lobo' will now premiere in the Forum at the Berlin International Film Festival. Together with Niles Atallah, they founded the film production company Diluvio.

两人的创作获奖无数。他们的电影在鹿特丹和洛卡诺等国际电影节上首映。他们的作品经常在拉丁美洲的博物馆和双年展上展出,也在白教堂画廊、古根海姆博物馆、KW柏林、2013年威尼斯双年展和2012年巴塞尔艺术展上展出。第一部故事片《狼屋》将在柏林国际电影节的论坛上首映。他们还与Niles Atallah一同创办了Diluvio电影制作公司。

The Wolf House


The Wolf House
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