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KWA (pronounced kwah / kwä) is an Artist of the Moving Image specializing in Experimental Abstract Motion Pictures. His films are Official Selections of Academy Award Qualifying Film Festivals including: The Chicago International and Rhode Island International Film Festivals. The still frames extracted from his films hang at cinematic scale in an array of public and corporate collections. His most recently completed work "Panta Rhei (everything is in flux)" is the midway point of a Trilogy, intended to change audience perceptions toward a more effective alignment with outcomes viewers themselves desire. Part one "The Space Between (stimulus and response)" turns millisecond reactions into several seconds of considered response time after receiving information. (Panta) picks up with an intention of viewing life as a flow to better place oneself into its current toward a destination of choice. The final installment of the Trilogy has been announced as "Metanoia (a reflective turning)".

KWA是一位专研抽象实验电影的动态图像艺术家。 他的电影作品曾正式入围奥斯卡认证电影节,如芝加哥国际电影节和罗德岛国际电影节。 许多公共机构和企业收藏了从他的电影中抽取静态的画面,并以电影荧幕尺寸展出。他最近完成的作品《流动的一切》是三部曲的第二部,旨在改变观众的视角,使其能够更有效地与创作者本人的期待一致。

Panta Rhei (everything is in flux)

Panta Rhei (everything is in flux)
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