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Leandros Brown

Leandros Brown is a Greek-South African filmmaker born in 1998. He began studying for a mathematics degree at the University of Cape Town before pursuing his passion for filmmaking. He graduated from The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance [ AFDA ] with an honours degree in Directing and Writing. During this time, he directed, wrote, produced and edited two short films, which have screened at both local and international film festivals:THE CALF [ 2021 ], which premiered at the Durban IFF, and his honours film, HIBERNATION [ 2023 ], which also premiered at the Durban IFF and won Best South African Student Film. He is currently in development with his third short film, THE MOUNTAIN IN THE SEA, which he will hopefully shoot in Cape Town in early 2024.

莱安德罗斯·布朗(Leandros Brown)是一位希腊-南非导演,生于1998年。曾在在开普敦大学攻读数学学位,后来追随电影制作的热情。他毕业于南非动态影像媒介与现场表演学院(AFDA),获得导演和编剧学位。在此期间,他执导、编剧、制作和剪辑了两部短片,这两部影片在本地和国际电影节上都有放映: 《The Calf》(2021年),在德班国际电影节首映。 他的作品《Hibernation》(2023年),也在德班国际电影节首映,并荣获最佳南非学生电影奖。 目前,他正在筹备第三部短片《The mountain in the sea》,计划于2024年初在开普敦拍摄。



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