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Natalie Khoo

Natalie Khoo is a filmmaker and programmer based in Singapore with a background in Archaeology and Anthropology from the University of Cambridge. Her works have garnered awards at the 4th Singapore Short Film Awards and screened at London International Documentary Festival and Thai Short Film and Video Festival, including her debut short ON SUCH AND SUCH A DAY AT SUCH AND SUCH A TIME (2013). She participated in Docs by the Sea, organised by Tribeca Film Institute and In-Docs, Objectifs’ Short Film Lab, and is currently working on a short film produced by POTOCOL. Her latest work A SPIDER, FEVER AND OTHER DISAPPEARING ISLANDS (2021) recently screened as a video and sculptural installation at Objectifs WOMEN IN FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2021 and Kurzfilm Hamburg 2022 and screened in cinema form at Queer East Film Festival in London and Seashorts Film Festival in Kuala Lumpur, both in 2022

Natalie Khoo是一名电影创作者、选片人,现居新加坡,拥有剑桥大学考古学和人类学的背景。 她的作品曾获第四届新加坡短片奖,并在伦敦国际纪录片节和泰国短片与录像电影节上展映,包括她的处女作短片《ON SUCH AND SUCH A DAY AT SUCH AND SUCH A TIME》(2013)。 她参加了由翠贝卡电影学院、In-Docs和Objectifs短片实验室组织的Docs by the Sea,目前正在参与一部由 POTOCOL制作的短片。 她的最新作品《A Spider, Fever and Other Disappearing Islands》在2021年Objectifs女性电影摄影展和2022汉堡库尔兹电影节上以视频和雕塑装置形式展出,并在2022年伦敦Queer East电影节和吉隆坡SeaShorts电影节上以影片形式展映。(申雨夕)

A Spider, Fever and Other Disappearing Islands


A Spider, Fever and Other Disappearing Islands

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