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Sarah Fitterer

Sarah Fitterer is an artist based between Berlin and the Netherlands. Her work investigates love, agriculture, and power. Speculating about how they often make no sense and all the sense at the same time. Filmmaking allows her to capture many-layered situations whilst leaving it open whether what is being filmed is real. She enjoys the collaborative aspect of filming, making the process a big adventure with newly defined rules of what is possible. Besides film, her practice includes graphics, objects, performances and occasional activism. Her favourite animals are chicken, shrimps and cows.

萨拉·菲特勒(Sarah Fitterer)是一位在柏林和荷兰之间工作的艺术家。她的作品探讨了爱、农业和权力,思考它们通常既毫无意义又同时有意义。电影拍摄使她能够捕捉到多层次的情境,同时保持被拍摄的事物是否真实的开放性。她喜欢电影制作的协作性质,使整个过程成为一次具有新定义的可能性规则的大冒险。除了电影,她的实践还包括图形、物体、表演等。她最喜欢的动物是鸡、虾和牛。

Shrimp Love


Shrimp Love
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