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Svetlana Ćopić

Svetlana Ćopić was born in Belgrade. She has graduated from the Faculty of Phylosophy, while also attending Women’s Studies and Art History and Theory School at the Center for Contemporary Arts.She has been working professionally in advertising for over 20 years. As one of the most awarded Creative Directors in the region, she has won a great number of the most relevant international awards, including Cannes Lions. A special focus of her interest has always been creating multimedia stories that freely cross over traditional media borders, combining narration, video, art and digital media.“Everybody’s Granddaughter” is her first documentary film.

斯韦特兰娜·乔皮奇(Svetlana Ćopić)出生于贝尔格莱德。她毕业于哲学系,同时还参加了当代艺术中心的妇女研究和艺术史与理论学校。她在广告业工作已经超过20年。作为当地获奖最多的创意总监之一,她赢得了许多最重要的国际奖项,包括戛纳国际创意节奖。她一直对创作跨越传统媒体边界的多媒体故事有浓厚兴趣,致力于将叙述、视频、艺术和数字媒体相结合。《Everybody’s Granddaughter》是她的第一部纪录片。

Everybody's Granddaughter


Everybody's Granddaughter
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