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Warren Bass

WARREN BASS is an independent filmmaker and former chair of Film and Media Arts at Temple University where he teaches cinematography, screen directing, animation, and advanced documentary and fiction workshops. He was trained at the Yale School of Drama with Honors in directing, the Yale School of Art in graphics, and at Columbia University in film as their School of the Arts Scholar. He has taught at Yale, NYU, AFI, and the State University of California; has chaired university departments in film, television and theater; has served as vice president of the University Film & Video Association, trustee of the University Film Study Center housed at Harvard/MIT, guest editor of The Journal of Film & Video, and served for extended terms as director of Temple University's graduate program in Film. His essays on visual style have been published internationally in English, Chinese, Polish and Turkish. He has directed theater in six cities including at Lincoln Center in New York and at the Annenberg Center in Philadelphia. His art work, films or installations have been in curated exhibitions at the Smithsonian, the National Academy of Design, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Hirshhorn Museum, Kyoto Biennale, Palm Springs Museum, Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Barnes Foundation. His films have been aired on PBS, syndicated television and cable in the U.S. and on European, Asian and Australian Television. His productions have received over 100 regional, national and international awards, seven Public Television grants, three Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowships, and production grants from the Hirshhorn Foundation, Cobert Corporation, IBM, PIFVA, and The World Bank. He is recipient of both the Great Teacher Award and the Creative Achievement Award at Temple University.

WARREN BASS,独立电影创作者,曾任美国天普大学电影与媒体艺术系主任,教授电影摄影学、导演实务、动画制作以及进阶纪录片,并负责剧情片工作坊。他曾在耶鲁大学戏剧学院接受导演培训,并取得多项荣誉。此外他也曾在耶鲁大学艺术学院学习图像专业,还曾在哥伦比亚大学艺术学院访学并学习电影。



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