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Xu Zhengyue


Xu Zhengyue, born in 1989, graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Currently lives and works in Beijing. Xu Zhengyue’s work uses video, animation, and photography as the main media.
Her works focus on different historical stages and changes in social reality, staring at collective and individual emotions and situations, through on-site research, media, and theoretical research, she uses poetic video language to express artistic thinking and explores the hyperlink relationship that penetrates the appearance in reality.
She’s work Who Touched the Feather, won the Award for Experimental Innovation and the Chiyong Zhiren Award of the 12th Animation Academy Award of Beijing Film Academy in 2012. In the same year, Who Touched the Feather won the ASIFA China Award in the 7th China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival. Her video work Pedestrian was collected by CAFA Art Museum and K11 Art Institute. Xu Zhengyue’s works have been exhibited at New Century Art Foundation in Beijing (2022), K11 Art Mall in Shenyang (2018), TaiKoo Li Sanlitun in Beijing (2017-2018), Hanshan Art Museum in Suzhou (2017), Epoch Art Museum in Wenzhou (2016), Art Gallery of CAFA (2016).

艺术家,1989年生于,研究生毕业于中央美术学院,现生活工作于北京。徐正月的艺术实践以影像、动画、摄影为主要媒介。她的作品关注不同历史阶段和社会现实变迁,凝视集体和个体的情感、境遇,借由现场调研、媒介及理论研究等方法,以诗意般的影像语言进行艺术表述,在现实中探寻穿透表象的超链接关系。作品《谁动了羽毛》于2012年获得第十二届北京电影学院动画学院奖“实验创新奖提名”和“持永只仁奖”,并获得第七届中国(北京)国际大学生动画节白杨奖“ASIFA中国奖”;影像作品《行人》被中央美术学院美术馆和K11艺术机构收藏。徐正月的作品曾在北京新世纪当代艺术基金会(2022)、K11沈阳购物艺术中心 (2018)、北京太古里 (2017~2018)、苏州寒山美术馆 (2017)、温州年代美术馆 (2016)、中央美术学院美术馆(2016)展览。

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