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Yuan Ming


Yuan Ming is a female director born in 1999. She graduated from the Communication University of China and is currently studying animation at the Royal College of Art. Her work uses a variety of creative techniques, such as stop-motion animation with mixed media, live- action, collage and traditional 2D hand-drawn animation. She uses animation as a medium to explore and try to touch the moments that reveal the essence of life.

袁铭,女性导演。毕业于中国传媒大学,现就读于皇家艺术学院动画专业。其作品使用多种创作手 段,如以综合材料定格动画、实拍、拼贴与传统2维手绘动画相结合。她以动画影像为媒介探寻并试 图触摸展露人生本质的瞬间。

My Left Face Aged a Little More


My Left Face Aged a Little More
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