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电影由一万六千张照片铰接而成。《电子票》是对个人档案的疯狂(重新)编录,是被遗忘图像重生的机会。35毫米的照片和运动图像被切开,重新洗牌,以逐英寸增加的量用胶带拼接在一起。 影片由学校旅行、印度之行至2005年香港反世贸峰会达到高潮。 我的照片全都被裁开混在一起,但至少现在它们都在一个地方了。在流媒体重述但丁地狱的时代,为现代云保留的运动自由。

A film sixteen thousand splices in the making. E-Ticket is a frantic (re)cataloguing of a personal archive and an opportunity for rebirth to forgotten images. 35mm photographs and moving pictures are obsessively cut apart, reshuffled then tape spliced together inch by inch in rigid increments. Views swipe between a school trip to India then culminate with a protest of a 2005 World Trade Organization summit in Hong Kong. My photographs may have all be cut up and mixed around, but at least they’re all in one place now. A retelling of Dante's Inferno for the streaming age; a freedom of movement reserved for the modern cloud.

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Simon Liu


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