Simone Hooymans

Chinese Mainland Premiere 中国大陆首映



在这部以墨水手绘画制成的实验动画中,艺术家Simone Hooymans探索了危机时刻带来的力量转变。景观、城市以及抽象图形在缓慢移动的同时,造成了会摧毁一切的崩塌威胁。紧接着毁灭变成了事实,但从这些碎石和混乱中又能瞥见一丝全新开始:一切未知而且无法定义,但也许是有所希望?这部影片是对目前全球各种混乱局势的一种抽象式探索,同时也是一部关于危机如何改变个人过程的一次内心旅程。

In this experimental animation made of hand-made ink drawings, artist Simone Hooymans explores the transforming powers of crisis. Landscapes, cityscapes and abstract shapes are moving slowly, while growing into an avalanche threatening to destroy everything in its way. Then the destruction is a fact, but from the rubble and chaos emerges a glimpse of a new beginning: Unknown and undefined, but maybe hopeful? The film is a symbolic exploration of current global challenges, yet also an inner journey exploring how a crisis can transform you.

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