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Wang Tuo


中国 China

汉语普通话 Mandarin

The Interrogation


Outstanding Art Exploration Award | 杰出艺术探索奖

The Interrogation is a video constructed entirely from still film photography and photo shop collage – playing out as a photomontage along with a voiceover. The work is two narratives intertwined. One comes from an audio recording of the artist interviewing a local officer from the Commission for Discipline Inspection,the other narrative is a short story written by the artist and inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s movie Persona (1966). In the story, an actress refusing to speak and a nurse trying to make her talk gradually switch roles and turn into each other. These two narratives together bring to mind the complexity of the reality that we are currently in: Our everyday routines and the extreme situations that remain hidden behind our mundane daily lives intersect through a similar structure of communication. The roles that people play in these scenarios are thus in constant flux.

《审问》是一个由胶片摄影,图像拼贴以及画外音组成的动态影像。作品由两部分叙述交织在一起: 对一位地方纪检委官员的采访记录和一篇以英格玛·伯格曼(Ingmar Bergman)的《假面》为灵感的短篇故事。故事中,一个拒绝说话的演员和一个试图使其开口的护士在长时间的相处中,悄然互换了身份,隐喻现实中人们熟悉的现实情境与隐蔽于日常的极端情境借由一种类似的沟通结构产生了丰富的交集,而在其中的人的境遇也因此发生变换。

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Wang Tuo


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