Hua Zhi


三江源有中华水塔之称,生活在三江源的老百姓对水有自己的解释,在藏文化种水分为八种品质的水,在生活中无处不在用水, 本片种简述了生活中的用水方式,水源有雪水,地下水和湖泊,治疗疾病的有药泉。在湖泊和溪水、泉水、大小河流孕育着这个世界的万物。

Sanjiangyuan is regarded as China‘s water tower. People living in Sanjiangyuan have their own explanation of water. In Tibetan culture, water is classified as eight kinds of quality, with water being everywhere in life. This film introduces ways of using water in daily life, the sources of water that are snow water, groundwater and lakes, and medicine springs which can cure diseases. Lakes, streams, springs, and rivers are the breeding grounds of the world.

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Hua Zhi


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