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雷磊 Lei Lei


United States of America

Chinese Mandarin

A Bright Summer Diary



In the summer of 2019, I returned to my hometown Jiangxi Province and traveled with friends to Lushan Mountain to escape the heat; this trip was the first time in more than 20 years that I had visited Lushan. As a child, my mother and grandparents frequently took me to Lushan during the summer. We would stay there for two months at a time. In the mountain, we would look at the scenery, go to the cinema and enjoy the time in the Kuling park.

2019年的夏天,我回到故乡江⻄,和朋友一起到庐山避暑;游玩,这次旅行距离我上一次上庐山已经有二十多年了。儿时,母亲和爷爷奶奶总会在夏天带我一起来到庐山,一住就是两个月,我们在山上看⻛景,在公园游玩。 回到城市后,母亲从相册中找到一张旧照片,这张照片保留完好,是1988年我和母亲在庐山的合影。母亲分享了我们当时在庐山上的故事,山中的神话,著名的建筑,也怀念去世不久的爷爷奶奶。

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