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Gali Blay, Leila Zelli


Canada, Germany

English, Hebrew, Persian

About Dam and Hofit


Asia Premiere

About Dam and Hofit, is the story of the forbidden friendship between Dam, the tip of mount Damavand in Iran and Hofit, an air force plane from Israel. Their unexpected encounter dares them to reimagine a friendship against all odds.
Up in the air, In the middle of nowhere, Dam and Hofit meet. Scared from the other but also curious, they start a conversation. even though they come from rival countries, they are able to identify with the other and question the cultural identities they grew up in.
The script is inspired and conducted from the daily conversations of the directors - Leila Zelli (from Iran) and Gali Blay (from Israel), the questions they dared to ask each other and their trust in the friendship they have developed. These meetings took place digitally for two years since the outbreak of Covid 19.

 剧本的灵感来自于两位导演Leila Zelli和Gali Blay在新冠疫情爆发后的两年内通过线上会议进行的日常对话,包括了二人之间建立在友谊和信任之上对彼此的大胆提问。 (Yuchen Lu)

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