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Malena Szlam



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Filmed in the Andean Mountains in the traditional lands of the Atacameño, Aymara, and Calchaquí-Diaguita in Northern Chile and Northwest Argentina, ALTIPLANO takes place within a geological universe of ancestral salt flats, volcanic deserts, and coloured lakes. Fusing earth with sky, day with night, heartbeat with mountain, and mineral with iridescent cloud, ALTIPLANO reveals a vibrating landscape in which a bright blue sun forever threatens to eclipse a blood-red moon. Coupled with a soundscape generated from infrasound recordings of volcanoes, geysers, Chilean blue whales, and more, ALTIPLANO makes use of in-camera editing to create evocative visual rhythms through the clash of color and form. Landscapes pulse and stutter, transformed through complex 16mm pixelation and superimposition techniques into spaces that exist in a multitude of times simultaneously. Located at the heart of a natural ecosystem threatened by a century of saltpeter and nitrate mining practices, and recent geothermic exploitation, ALTIPLANO reveals an ancient land standing witness to all that is, was, and will be.

影片拍摄于智利北部和阿根廷西北部阿塔卡梅尼奥,艾马拉和卡尔恰基-迪亚吉塔的传统土地上的安第斯山脉。《高原》发生在祖先盐沼,火山沙漠和彩色湖泊的地质世界中。 影片将地球与天空,白天与黑夜,山脉与心跳,矿物与虹彩云融合在一起,展现出一个震动的景观。在其中,明亮的蓝色太阳永远威胁着要让血红色的月亮黯然失色。结合火山、间歇泉、智利蓝鲸等的次声录音产生的音景,影片利用机内剪辑的手法,通过色彩和形式的冲突创造出令人回味的视觉节奏。通过复杂的16mm像素颗粒与叠加技术,景观脉动和断断续续,转化为同时存在多个时间的空间。

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Malena Szlam

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