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Francesco Montagner


Czech Republic (Czechia), Slovakia

No Dialogue



中国大陆首映 Chinese Mainland Premiere

Under the burning sun, a solitary bull awaits tireless, whilst a man jumps deep into the darkest waters of his persona, in their common attempt to defeat death.In this silent visual poem, the massive body of a bull appears on the table of a meticulous taxidermist, having died in the hot sun in the middle of a bullfighting arena. Working with the body of an untamed animal, the man is inwardly transformed and finds in the animal's skin a way to cope with his own mortality and the transience of life.“It’s the story of a double fate, the one of the man and the one of the bull, both doomed to succumb to their own restless natures.” Francesco Montagner

在灼热的太阳下,一头孤独的公牛默默等待,与此同时,一个人深入探索他内在最黑暗的部分,双方共同试图战胜死亡。 在这首无声的视觉诗中,一头巨大的公牛的身体呈现在一个剥制师的桌上,它死在炎热的阳光下,处于斗牛场中央。剥制师在处理这只未被驯化的动物的身体时,内心发生了转变,并在这只动物的皮毛中找到了应对自己有限生命和生命短暂的方式。 “这是一个双重命运的故事,一个是人的命运,一个是公牛的命运,都注定要屈服于他们不安分的本性。” 弗朗切斯科·蒙塔涅尔

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Francesco Montagner

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