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Isidro Sánchez



Spanish; Castilian

Aural Cuisine


Cocina Aural
World Premiere

Aural Cuisine is the joint action of a group of people with visual disabilities, who are the participants in a cuisine and sound creation project. Participants are experimenting and creating their sound recipes at the workshops, but also, they are bringing this artistic exploration to their personal and everyday life. That makes them free to innovate and experiment. These sound art experiences want to be transformative and to produce a change in their daily perception through art creation in every participant

《Aural Cuisine》是一个由一群视障人士共同参与的料理和声音创作的项目。参与者在工作坊中实验和创造他们的声音食谱,但同时,他们也将这种艺术探索带到他们的个人和日常生活中,这使得他们可以自由地创新和实验。这些声音的艺术体验希望起到变革性的作用,并通过每个参与者的艺术创作改变他们日常的感知。(季盈杰)

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Isidro Sánchez

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