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Andrea Grambow, Joscha Kirchknopf




Because We Bleed


亚洲首映 Asia Premiere

An unknown entity, discovers the human world in a nocturnal car ride through Los Angeles, observing people at the side of the street and listening to their stories.The film mixes the journey of a fictional character, an unknown entity played by drag performance artist Beaujangless, with documentary roadside encounters in a nocturnal car ride through the 'City of Angels’. Observations of people passing by, accompanied by an AI-generated voice-over reciting first-person narratives from interviews, intertwine with sequences of the main character dancing to Holly Herndon's song 'Frontier'. With their short film the filmmakers explore narratives as both center and limit of human world experience and self-awareness, the concept of an immortal human soul in neo-religious, dataist times, as well as the USA as a collective narrative of capitalist superiority in decay. 'Because We Bleed' is a meditation on storytelling and a poetic journey into a new, dark age.

一个未知实体在穿越洛杉矶的夜间汽车之旅中发现了人类世界,观察着路边的人们并聆听他们的故事。 这部电影将一个虚构角色,由变装表演艺术家博雅无扮演的未知实体的旅程,与在“天使之城”夜间汽车之旅中的纪录片式路边相遇相混合。观察路过的人们,并由人工智能生成的旁白朗诵采访中的第一人称叙述,与主角跳舞到霍莉-赫恩登的歌曲《Frontier》的片段交织在一起。 通过他们的短片,制片人探讨了叙述作为人类世界体验和自我意识的中心和限制,不朽人类灵魂概念在新宗教、数据主义时代的存在,以及美国作为一个堕落的资本主义优越性集体叙事的概念。该片是对叙事的沉思,是一场诗意的旅程进入新的黑暗时代。

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Andrea Grambow


Joscha Kirchknopf

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