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Kim Kyung Man


South Korea





Lee Seung-bok was a kid from North Korea who was killed for shouting hatred against communists. This condition was used by South Korea and they made Lee Seung-bok as a monument for anti-communism. Not enough with a symbolic memorial, Lee Seung-bok was also made diorama, reconstruction, was even inserted into the education curriculum of elementary school. He became an anticommunist martyr. The way this film reacts to that reality is by merging the footage and newsreel with propaganda fiction that has been modified, just like what South Korea also did to Lee Seung-bok.

Lee Seung-bok是一个来自朝鲜的孩子,因大喊对共产党的仇恨而被杀害。 韩国利用了这次事件,以反共的名义为Lee Seung-bok建立了纪念碑。 除了有象征意义的纪念物之外,Lee Seung-bok还被制作成立体图进行了重构,甚至被放进了小学的教育课程。 他成为了反共烈士。这部短片对现实的反映是将录像片段、新闻短片与经过修改的宣传式小说融合在一起,就像韩国对Lee Seung-bok所做的一样。

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Kim Kyung Man

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