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柴觅 Chai Mi



Birds Dream



A new-born sparrow entered a world full of colourful objects and strange birds. When curiously idling in this world, the sparrow found a new-born raven with which it began to explore the place together. They encountered all sorts of strange birds and mysterious geometric shapes of different colours. Their encounters have made them bewilder and fantasise, soon their body start to change as well...

一只新生的麻雀,来到一个充满彩色形体和怪鸟的奇异 世界。在遇到一只年轻的乌鸦后,它们开始一起在这个 世界飞翔游历, 遇到了形形色色的怪鸟还有巨大的彩色 形体,不久它们的身体也开始产生变化……

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