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张胜佳 Zhang Shengjia



English, Mandarin Chinese, Yue Chinese (Cantonese)

Birthday Cakes From China


World Premiere

This essay film starts from the photo of my 9th birthday party in KFC with a cake, attempting to clarify how birthday cakes and their associated rituals have become the primary way of celebrating birthdays for modern Chinese people. Employing an auto-ethnographic perspective, the film delves into the global context underpinning this phenomenon, explore how this birthday tradition has been molded and how birthday cakes have been localized in China. The investigation encompasses the influence of McDonald's and KFC's birthday party services and advertisements on children, and the iconography of localized Chinese-style birthday cakes. The film includes found images, family archives and interviews, etc.


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张胜佳 Zhang Shengjia

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