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无对白 No dialogue




I’m intrigued by the harmoniously integrated relationship between accidental moments and scenes that have been rehearsed, and gradually develop an open narrative on the basis of such relationship. I ponder more on if it’s possible to establish a different cognitive foundation than on the style of story-telling or performing. I often ask myself that, but I’m not sure whether there’ll be an answer. Perhaps the answer lies in the finalized video work.

The project Collector, first of all, is a metaphor of the experimental video-making journey. It’s like a group of blind people trying to feel the shape of an elephant. The variety of approaches to handle camera lens, in a sense, can be seen as a way to feel the shape of an elephant. As a result, a shape living in imagination is constructed. Geothermal heat is a description of reality that gradually comes into being during this journey.

Sometime, when you observe the surroundings and people around you in detail, you will capture those hidden traces. That connect with your inner heart. During these moments, you will forget the existence of the physicality of yourself on the subject; only feelings and ideas are flowing. This is precisely the starting point of a fiction. You are the audience. The existence is objectified and becomes a film or a play.

Seek for community, seek for geothermal heat, seek for fracture......, returning again from countless branch paths, and change again the way.

我现在的工作兴趣是那些偶然时刻与情节排演的交融关系,逐渐形成一个开放的叙述体。我 更多考虑不是在一个讲故事的形式上或者表演形式上,而是这种影像是否有可能形成不同 的认知基础,这是我常常问到自己的问题,也不知道是否有答案。或许只能以最后的影像本 身来回答。
找寻地热,我想这首先是个影像时间旅程的隐喻,如同盲人摸大象,各种方法的影像镜头的 视觉背后是对大象型体的触摸,来构建想象中的型体。地热,当然也是这个旅程中逐渐形成 的一种现实感的描述。
某些时候,当你仔细观察周围,发现那些隐藏的线索与自己内心交互的时间,你会忘记自己, 忘记对象,只有意念的存在,你可以看作是虚构的开始,你是观众,时间呈现异质状,变为 电影或者戏剧。
寻找社区,寻找地热,寻找裂缝……, 在无数的岔路中折回,再不断改变方向。

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Zhou Tao


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