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赵刚 Zhao Gang


Chinese Dialect

Dongpo Village


亚洲首映 Asia Premiere

Dongpo Village, a suburban village in western China. With the expansion of the city, a series of practical problems such as resettlement, compensation and re-employment have not been properly solved by the government and developers.The villagers are in urgent need of a competent and policy-savvy leader to safeguard their rights and interests. According to the new Organic Law of the Villagers Committee of the People's Republic of China, Zhou Wei, a villager who had not been officially qualified as a candidate, suddenly went to the villagers to make an election speech and was elected as the village head in a dramatic end.
But half a year later, Zhou Wei, the village head, not only failed to fulfill his promise to voters, but used his position to embezzle public funds. A villager, respected Guo Renli, to come forward, led the villagers layer upon layer petition, decided to dismiss Zhou Wei, but it ultimately ran aground under obstructing of the Township Party Committee. The villagers' rights of democratic election, democratic supervision, democratic management and democratic decision-making endowed by the villagers' autonomy almost exist in name only.


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Zhao Gang


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