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Leonardo Pirondi


United States of America

No Dialogue

Effulgent Gleam


Asia Premiere

A cave named Gruta de las Pesadillas was known to be a place whereby entering the cave with a torch or lamp, you would see your darkest nightmares reflected onto the shiny minerals from the inside. I was given access to a written document describing the experience of a man at the Gruta de las Pesadillas in 1914. He writes about leaving his house at night, going to the cave, and his experience there. — This film is a visual and sonic recreation of the described event.

据说用手电筒或灯进入一个名为噩梦之洞的洞穴,你会看到你最黑暗的噩梦从里面反射到闪亮的矿物上。“我”得到了一封书面文件,上面描述了一个人1914年深夜离家后前往噩梦之洞的经历。本片是对所述事件的视听再现。 (Yuchen Lu)

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Leonardo Pirondi

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