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Masao Adachi 足立正生




Female Student Guerrilla


Chinese Mainland Premiere

Five high-school students decide to embark on a guerrilla-style revolution in the mountains for their fight against their school’s graduation ceremony. Shot in CinemaScope in the midst of the student protests of late 1960s Japan, Adachi Masao’s fifth "pink film" with Wakamatsu Productions is a comedic oddity and a candid portrait of collective struggle. It shows the intricate, at times absurd fusing of sex, pleasure, and politics, but also critiques the inner group frictions (uchi-geba) that occurred in many revolutionary factions during the nationwide protests. Female Student Guerrilla foreshadows the Asama Sanso Incident of 1972 where such conflicts culminated in a shoot-out between police and student activists in the mountains that is widely considered to have marked the

《女学生游击队》(女学生ゲリラ, Female Student Guerrilla) 1969年,73分,日语对白 五名高中生为了反对学校的毕业典礼,决定在山区开展游击革命。这部影片是足立正生与若松制作合作的第五部粉红电影,在20 世纪 60 年代末席卷日本的学生抗议运动背景下以宽荧幕(CinemaScope)格式拍摄完成。影片展现了性爱、欢愉和政治间错综复杂、有时荒诞不经的交融,同时也批判了全国性抗争活动中许多革命派别激烈的内部斗争,并预示了

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Masao Adachi 足立正生

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