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Karl Kaisel


Estonia, Austria

No Dialogue

Island of Multitude



How is the world seen by an island – a place made of multitudes, living and nonliving? The space and time through multispecies viewpoint is infinitely complex and narrowing it down to linear film might seem impossible. Island of Multitude gets entangled in the island’s complex world following and building connections between different agents of the island. The contact points are observed from multiple perspectives with each new viewpoint forming an even more complex web. In the end this film is just one story out of the millions that unfold on the island on a daily basis. Island of Multitude is a conclusion of a year-long research on the island of Uuluti, located in the Baltic Sea, off the coast of West Estonia. It is an exploration of island space and the human and non-human stories that are unfolding in that space.

一个由众多生物和非生物组成的岛屿如何看待世界?多物种视角下的时空是无限复杂的,因此,将其拍成线性的电影似乎是不可能的。众生岛被卷入岛上复杂的世界,跟踪并建立岛上不同主体之间的联系。从多个角度观察接触点,每个新视点都形成一个更加复杂的网络。这部电影只是岛上每天上演的数百万个故事中的一个。《Island of Multitude》是对位于西爱沙尼亚海岸波罗的海的乌鲁蒂岛进行为期一年的研究的总结。这也是对岛屿空间以及在该空间中发生的人类和非人类故事的探索。

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Karl Kaisel

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