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Ben Rivers


United Kingdom

Look Then Below


Chinese Mainland Premiere 中国大陆首映

Ben Rivers' films study the otherworldly, looking for places and stories outside the daily conventions of reality. Look Then Below was filmed in a Somerset transformed into a coloured, mist-enveloped island in an oily ocean with a cave basking in a subterranean glow. Time seems to stand still there. After Slow Action and Urth, this is the final part of a trilogy developed with American SF author Mark von Schlegell.

Ben Rivers的作品的电影研究超世俗的存在,寻找日常循例之外的地点和故事。《视线向下》拍摄于萨默塞特郡,转变为油污海面上色彩斑斓,笼罩在雾中的岛屿,岛上的岩洞沐浴在地下的柔光之中。在那里,时间似乎静止了。在《慢动作》和《厄斯》之后,这是他与美国科幻作家Mark von Schlegell合作的三部曲中的最后一部。

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Ben Rivers


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