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黄靖雅 Jin-Ya Huang



Chinese Mandarin

March Hare


中国大陆首映 Chinese Mainland Premiere

A refugee from the internet café, Rinka, was wandering around the station, and just hung up the call from a failed audition. Got caught up by bad bunny, ginger boy prince, little pure and others, strongly forced to buy “bad bunny” purse!
Until the counselor of bad bunny, Salamander, came to rescue, Mander held Rinka’s hand, and tell her she’s not alone. Ever since Rinka became a refugee, this is the first time she got genuinely care, therefore, she wants to be like Mander “believe in the same thing!”
By accepting Mander’s inviatation, Rinka joined the evil cult group “Bad Bunny” to become a follower and begin the journey of selling purses. After the initiation ceremony, she accidently found out about the secret behind the scam of bad bunny.


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黄靖雅 Jin-Ya Huang

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