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Yang Ming



Chinese Dialect

Monsters Never Know



Mongolians believe in Tengri. They think everything in the world has a spirit. Tengri is god and the spirit of god is hidden in nature to protect the tribe. Mongolians call people who don’t respect life and nature ‘monsters’. Monsters can also refer to frightened animals in Mongolian culture. Mongolians also believe that the evil behavior of monsters is not their original intention. Therefore, relatives send monsters to the temple for reincarnation of the spirit. The spirit of Tengri points out the way for monsters at critical moments. After the journey, the monsters finally get healed.

蒙古族信仰腾格里,相信万物皆有灵。 腾格里是天,天的灵藏在一花一木中,守护族人。族人们,称那些充满戾气且对自然与生命无敬畏心的刁人为野兽,野兽也译为受惊的动物。 刁人虽恶,原非本意,至亲把刁人送上山,静心洗灵。腾格里的灵,则化作自然,在关键时刻为其指引方向,助他重回做人的路,故此,山下野兽,山上人。

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Yang Ming


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