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Eduardo Williams


Switzerland, Argentina, Guinea Bissau





No es (It isn’t) is a cumulative poem by Mariano Blatt, whose constant writing process extends over a lifetime. The text of the poem, to which verses are added over days, months and years, can cover anything: images, people, memories, landscapes, phrases, ideas, etc. With this list of “what seems to be but isn’t” ringing in its head, Eduardo Williams’s film Parsi finds itself in a perpetual movement through spaces and around people. We are taken in a breathless ride through bustling neighborhoods, from person to person, thrown, dipped under water, rushed from image to image, creating in the process yet another poem which is caressed by, crashes into, and spins next to No es.

《No es(It isn't)》是马里亚诺·布拉特(Mariano Blatt)创作的一首诗,他一生的写作过程不断延长。 这首诗的诗句经过数天、数月和数年的添加,覆盖了任何内容:图像,人物,回忆,风景,短语,想法等。这个列表:“看起来像是什么但又不是”在头脑里回响着, Eduardo Williams的影片《Parsi》发现自己始终处在穿越空间和围绕人群的永恒运动中。 我们被透不过气地吸入喧闹的街区,经过一个又一个人,被扔到水里,浸在水底,从一个图像冲向另一个图像,在此过程中另一首诗被创作出来,被轻抚着,撞进《No es》并在其旁不停旋转着

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Eduardo Williams

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