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崔银珠 Cui Yinzhu


Republic of Korea


Passing By


Chinese Mainland Premiere

On the day of a movie’s after-party, Jin-a was feeling unhappy after arguing with her boyfriend over some minor problems and unintentionally hearing news about her ex-boyfriend. Jin-a’s boyfriend continued to intentionally make Jin-a upset at the party, resulting in Jin-a bursting out and having a big fight in front of all their friends. Jin-a left the party right after the commotion and started drowning herself in alcohol in front of a convenience store. When she woke up the next day, she found herself in her ex-boyfriend’s house. Jin-a was reunited with her ex-boyfriend after their separation few years ago. There is an awkward but somewhat familiar atmosphere between them, leaving Jin-a clueless on what to do.


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Cui Yinzhu


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