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Zhanyan Zhang 张展嫣


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


PP Land II - Pilgrimage to Dragon Fruit Buddhist

PP 乐园 II - 火龙果教朝圣之旅

World Premiere

PP Land II is based on the idea of de-anthropocentrism. Transforming the human being into the Other, it creates these strange and humorous new creatures by dismantling the human body and merging it with nature (vegetation). Thus exploring and questioning what kind of ways the human body will exist in the future? The work aims to criticize and satirize the anthropocentric civilization of modern society, and calls for the return of the human body to nature and its authenticity.

该片以去人类中心主义思想为基础。它将人类转化为 "他者",通过拆解人体并将其与自然(植被)融合,创造出这些奇特而幽默的新生物。从而探索和质疑人体在未来将以何种方式存在?作品旨在批判和讽刺现代社会以人类为中心的文明,呼吁人体回归自然,回归本真。

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Zhanyan Zhang 张展嫣

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