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Masao Adachi 足立正生






Chinese Mainland Premiere

Kawakami Tatsuya's mother joins a religious group after her husband's suicide, leaving her three children in poverty after donating the family fortune to the group. The eldest son commits suicide after losing his eyesight due to illness. Believing that the cult had ruined his life, he makes his own gun and carries out an assassination plot against former prime minister Abe Shinzo, who has close ties to the religious group. A semi-fictionalized narrative told from the perspective of Abe's real-life assassin Yamagami Tetsuya, the film was produced swiftly following the assassination in July 2022, and was scored by Otomo Yoshihide. On September 27, 2022, the day of Abe’s state funeral, a 50-minute cut was shown in small theaters across Japan as a form of protest.

川上达也的母亲在丈夫自杀后加入了一个宗教组织,此后倾家荡产,三个孩子因此陷于贫困,长子在因病失明后自杀身亡。川上认为是邪教毁了他的生活,于是自制枪械,对与该组织关系密切的日本前首相安倍晋三实施了暗杀。影片在2022 年 7 月安倍晋三遇刺后迅速制作,以第一人称视角半虚构的方式讲述刺客山上徹也的人生经历,并由大友良英配乐。2022 年 9 月 27 日,即安倍国葬当天,本片的50分钟剪辑版在日本多家小型影院上映,表示对国葬的抗议。

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