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By generating performance within an improvisational scenario, Roleplay discusses how artificial concepts, such as "middle class" and "perfect marriage", are created and defined by collective unconsciousness. It also explores the unreliable relationship between reality and the presumed truth of ideologies and cultural archives. The film is weaved together by narratives from multiple spaces: Two actors who are perfect strangers are put into a rented fancy living room and requested to improvise a "perfect" middle-class couple by participating in a real couples therapy session. In the other situation, the two actors are in their current real-life apartment and status, reenacting the classic American noir film The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981) in first person. In addition to the presentations and implications of the performances in two situations, the similarities in structure and the differences in content between the two narratives question the authenticity and reality of artificial concepts.

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Wang Tuo 王拓

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