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李明洋 Li Mingyang



Chinese Mandarin




Industrial noise invades a silent temple; it’s the collision of the rapidly evolving city and what’s left of what was once sacred and ancient. A monk can’t find respite after a toothache leaves him unable to chant the sutras and he can’t escape the sounds of nearby construction. A bad tooth, an ancient Buddha, a temple, and a silent monk;When the excavator try to broke down the temple, when faith is ready
to against modern society. Yi Dao start his survey of this world. Face to the death, face to people and get back in the society, be himself one more time.
The film depicts the suffering and rebirth of a monk wandering on the edge of the city. It imprints the solemnity of religion with black and white images, and discusses
the confusion and direction of personal and faith at odds with the pain of development in a contemporary world.


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Li Mingyang


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