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Rajee Samarasinghe


Sri Lanka, United States of America

No Dialogue

Show Me Other Places


Asia Premiere

At the center of this film is a Sri Lankan woman accessing other places in digital form, while situated in her own physical reality. Navigating through a multitude of spaces from the natural world to man-made environments as well as virtual planes, traditional relationships between the creator, the tool, and the subject are questioned, shattered and reconstructed. Reflecting on my own practice as a filmmaker working in non-fiction, the film takes a collage-like approach to examining issues around representation, verisimilitude, the ethnographic image, and the limitations of the form itself. Shot on seven different cameras (and a video synthesizer) on both film and video over the course of a decade in Sri Lanka, China, and the United States, I delve into some of my fundamental curiosities as a filmmaker.

这部电影聚焦一位斯里兰卡妇女,她虽然通过数字访问到过其他许多地方,但却始终停留在自己现实物理的躯体里。通过跨越从自然世界到人造环境再到虚拟平面的众多空间,创造者、工具和主体之间的传统关系被质疑、被打破、被重建。反思自己作为非虚构类电影人的创作实践,这部电影采用了一种拼贴式的创作手法来审视围绕表现、逼真度、民族志形象和形式本身的局限性等问题。 在过去十年里,创作者在斯里兰卡、中国和美国用七种不同的摄影机(和一个视频合成器)拍摄了电影和视频,深入挖掘了自己作为一名电影人出于本能的好奇心。(申雨夕)

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Rajee Samarasinghe

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