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Chow Len



Chinese Mandarin

Snowy Northland


Chinese Mainland Premiere 中国大陆首映

The protagonist alone rents a basement in the fifth ring of Beijing. Beijing has just been chilled in the winter, and the basement is cold. In addition to going out to find work, the only thing he can do is to be wrapped in bed and read poetry, which seems to expel a little chill. One morning he vaguely heard someone knocking at the door. When he opened the door, he found nobody. There was a letter without an address and a post. It said: Is it snowing in Beijing? Apart from doubts, he cursed this boring man in his heart, which made him as lonely as if he had been ridiculed by life. But "is it snowing in Beijing?" The question was buried deep in his heart, as if it were a new life in his uninteresting life, and it caught his attention. Since then, he has often received the same letters, but the snow has never fallen in Beijing.

主人公独⾃⼀⼈租住在北京五环的⼀处地下室⾥。刚⼊冬的北京已经寒意逼⼈,地下室更是冰冷不堪,他除了外出找⼯作之外,唯⼀能做的就是终⽇裹着被⼦在床上读诗,这似乎能驱逐⼀点寒意。 ⼀天早上,他模模糊糊听到有⼈敲⻔,开⻔却⼀望⽆⼈,⻔⼝有⼀封没有地址和寄信⼈的信,⾥⾯写着:北京下雪了吗?疑惑之余,他不得不⼼⾥咒骂起这⽆聊的⼈,让他⼀个本就孤独难堪的⼈⼜受到这⽣活的嘲弄,但是“北京下雪了吗”这⼀问题却渐渐在他⼼⾥⽣根发芽,好像是他⽆趣⽣活的⼀个新的⽣机,他渐渐关注起来。⾃那以后,他经常收到⼀模⼀样的来信,但是北京的雪却迟迟不来…

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Chow Len


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