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Arjan Onderdenwijngaard, Nier Castielroy


Indonesia, Netherlands

No Dialogue

Street Opera


Opera Jalanan
Chinese Mainland Premiere

A short music experience created with the sounds, both rhythmic percussive and vocal of 35 Indonesian street vendors.
The many hundreds of thousands of street vendors in Indonesia enliven the street scene and the soundscapes in the kampongs, the neighborhoods. With their recognizable call or sound, they offer their food, products and services in all weathers. In these difficult times they form an army that is forced by their trade to go out every day to survive and provide the households with necessary (food) products and services. Opera Jalanan is a tribute to them.

这是一次简短的音乐体验,一次由35 位来自印尼的街头小贩用有节奏的打击乐和人声共同创造的音乐体验。在印度尼西亚的村庄和街区,成千上万的小贩为街头风光和声景带来了生机与活力。他们用极具辨识度的吆喝和声音,在风雨艳阳里,向他人提供食物、商品和服务。在那些艰难岁月,生计迫使他们组成一支大军,每日外出谋生,养家糊口,兜售家庭生活的必需品(食物)和服务。《街头剧场》便是一部向他们致敬的作品。(申雨夕)

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Arjan Onderdenwijngaard


Nier Castielroy

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